Accessible Parking in Texas Fast Facts Part 5

It is a Violation of Texas law:

  • To park a vehicle in an accessible parking space without displaying the appropriate plate or placard, even if a driver or a passenger of the vehicle has a disability;
  • To park a vehicle in an accessible space when neither the driver or any passenger has a disability, even if the vehicle displays the appropriate plate or placard;
  • Shared/Issue areas/Transportation/Parking/DRAFT Accessible Parking for Texans with Disabilities 2009
  • To park a vehicle with a placard or plate that is expired;
  • To park a vehicle with a placard or plate that belongs to someone who is not a driver or a passenger in the vehicle;
  • To lend a parking placard to an individual without a disability who uses that placard to violate state law;
  • To steal or counterfeit a parking placard or license plate;
  • To park a car in such a way that it blocks access to an accessible parking space, an access aisle, or any architectural improvement that provides access for people with disabilities, such as a ramp or a curb cut.

Violations of Accessible Parking in Texas:

People who park in accessible parking spaces or who misuse Disabled Parking Placards or License Plates are subject to fines of up to $2,500 and/or up to 50 hours of community service.

Accordingly, parking a vehicle so as to block any disabled parking van-access aisle is an offense.

Seizure of Placards

A law enforcement officer may seize a Disabled Parking Placard if the law enforcement officer believes that a parking offense was committed. The person from whom the placard was seized may request a hearing. At the hearing, the department will determine if revocation of the placard should continue or if the revocation should be rescinded.

Buying Gas and Texans with Disabilities

Refueling services are available to a driver with a disability of a vehicle that displays a Disabled Parking Placard or Disabled License Plates. The refueling service is available only at service stations or other facilities which provide both full-service and self-service pump islands and is limited to gasoline and diesel fuel. Prices charged for the fuel may not be greater than the self-service price.  Complaints concerning non-compliance with this law should be directed to the local district or county attorney or to the Texas Attorney general’s consumer affairs office.

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