The question I guess is why? Why make a website about Handicap Parking Violators? Why take the time to put this site together? Why take the many days of driving and spending gas money and paying for hosting etc etc cost for a Handicap Parking Violators website? Just Why?

For me the answer is simple. It all started some years ago when I lived in Houston Texas. I would take my wife to the Palais Royal store and then park and wait for her. All the handicap spaces were, as they should be, up front by the door. The only obstacle was the ‘road’ area between the parking lot and the front door.

My wife was a big fan of that store so she went often which means I drove her often. Each time as I waited I would see women park in the avail Handicap parking section, get out and walk unimpaired from their car to the store. On occasion, I would even see them run. It used to bug the ‘frack’ out of me.

My wife and I would often comment, ‘is that legal or illegal’? Then we would drive on.

A few years back my father became ill and was having trouble walking. The Doctor gave him a Handicap Parking Placard and being wheelchair bound I would drive him different places. It was a common thing to see autos: cars; truck; vans even motorcycles parked either in the Handicap space or in the stripes between them, which, for a Handicap person prevented anyone from parking in either space.

Eventually my Father passed on to be with The Lord. However, those times back in Houston stayed in my brain, my crawl, in other words, it bugged the frackin crap out of me!



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  1. Mike baiza says:

    To the asshole who put one of these cards on my windshield, my father was really hadicapped and just suffered an amputation! So fuck off with this stupid ass web site

    • Administrator says:

      We are sorry to hear of your family problem, in particular the suffering your father has gone through.
      However, when we are checking Handicap Parking Spaces, just as when the Police check, neither we nor the Police have any way of telling if someone is truly handicap or simply abusing the Handicap parking space unless the auto has Handicap License Plates or the auto is displaying the Handicap Blue or Red Placard.

      If your father was in a store and traveled in the auto in question, simply have his driver place the placard in the appropriate location (hanging from the rear view mirror with the date displayed outward. Both your father and his driver should have no problem with either the Police or our people that do these checks.

      As I am sure you know, and I think it only appropriate to say that any vehicle parked in a handicap parking space, according to Texas Law, must have a Handicap Parking Placard or Handicap Parking License Plate. Anyone, handicap or otherwise using a Handicap Parking space without the Handicap Parking Placard or Handicap Parking License Plate is in violation of Texas Law.

      Additionally, The Handicap person must be traveling in the vehicle at the time of the vehicles is in use in order for the vehicle displaying a Handicap Parking Placard or Handicap Parking License Plate to use a Handicap Parking place. An offense of using a Handicap Parking Space without the Handicap Person to whom the Handicap Parking Placard or Handicap Parking License Plate is assigned to is a violation of Texas Law and an Police Officer can confiscate the Handicap Parking Placard and give a ticket to the Handicap Parking Abuser.

      If you have not obtained a Handicap Parking Placard or Handicap Parking License Plate for your Fathers vehicle you can obtain the application through this link…

      Application for Persons with Disabilities Parking Placard and/or License Plate

      Good Luck, we wish your Father well and please follow the law.

  2. Faye Conaway says:

    The most difficult thing is to find a blog with unique and fresh content but you definitely add value. Bravo.

  3. Michelle says:

    Thank you!!! I join you in your fight! My city has a trained staff of volunteers that can issue the tickets, given the power by city council and the training by the PD. Do you know how many people I come across that want to join my team, just to write those tickets?? (We do other stuff too, HC violations is just part of the volunteer job!)


    • Administrator says:

      Thank you Michelle,
      I put this togethor because I became so frustrated with what I see every day I go out.
      btw, Part of the ‘fun’, if you want to call it that, is that I had some business cards made, telling the violator to view this site and see their car. You would be shocked at the responses I get.
      Thank you again,

  4. Kevin says:

    I think that this is an awesome site. This is one of my biggest pet peeves. I absolutely can not stand to see someone abuse these spaces. I would love to be a cop, and just go in parking lots all day long. I would never give a warning, I would only give tickets. Because there is no excuse for someone to abuse these spaces.
    Awesome job and idea, for fixing this website.

    • Administrator says:

      Thanks Kevin,
      We try hard.
      If you want to get more involved, call your local police or city department. Most have a VIP (volunteer program). After a little training you are allowed to go out, check these spots and actually write the tickets for these violaters. They must then appear in court in front of a judge.
      Good Luck,

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